File Prep & Guide Lines

Digital Prepress

At The Printer we can work with most file types you bring to us. We use the latest industry standard software allowing us to work with native files as well as files created in other programs.

If you know your software well and know how to produce a high resolution PDF, make it and upload it to our prepress department. Upload your file and we’ll get started.

If you have a question about your file type give us a call – 530.753.2519 or email us at

At a time when many printers will only accept one file type and online printers want you to follow their specs, The Printer allows for more flexibility and can work with what you have.

We can help get you the end product you want. Our design staff can give you the information you need or save you time and do it for you.

The Printer’s prepress department checks over your files to make sure that your finished job is what you were expecting! We inspect every document for fonts, resolution, color separations, pagination, bleeds, trim size and trapping. If there’s a potential concern, we pause the job to contact you and offer solutions when necessary.