Anatomy of a Job

When printed pieces wind up in your hand they are meant to be a seamless end product. Here is a recent brochure put together by the Davis Food Coop. To anyone that receives this it is clear that it is to join the Davis Food Coop. To the employees of the Coop it is clear that there is information printed to be used to sign a customer up and to save the person $5.00. What is less clear are the different printing techniques used to produce this brochure. The below image shows what... Read More

Wedding Invitations

With all the planning and time put into a wedding, what better way to invite your friends and family than with a beautiful invitation. At The Printer there are two choices for creating a wedding invitation.  One choice is that we can do a completely custom invitation from the ground up. A second choice is through a trusted vendor we can order predesigned invitations that can be customized to your event. Call us at 530.753.2519 -OR- Email as at to see how... Read More