Letterpressed Business Card

This is a business card designed by Kathy Meinhardt – Stars Align Global Brands & Design. It is a 2 color letterpress business card on 220# cranes lettra pearl white paper. Letterpress is the printing process developed by Johannes Gutenberg. It is a process that is still sought out and one we provide at The Printer.  The letterpress pushes an inked up metal die into the paper to make the image impression.  This creates a unique texture you can only get from letterpressing.... Read More

Clever Trimming

Here is a tri-fold brochure we printed this week. The designer got creative and wanted the top trimmed at an angle. We did it and it turned out great! Love to see other parts of the printing process used to enhance a design.  Read More

Wedding Invitations

With all the planning and time put into a wedding, what better way to invite your friends and family than with a beautiful invitation. At The Printer there are two choices for creating a wedding invitation.  One choice is that we can do a completely custom invitation from the ground up. A second choice is through a trusted vendor we can order predesigned invitations that can be customized to your event. Call us at 530.753.2519 -OR- Email as at info@the-printer.net to see how... Read More


Adding texture and dimension can bring a design to life. With embossing you have the ability to indent and push the paper into a form.  In the samples below you can see there are different uses.  From giving your logo that extra snap or creating a seal, embossing is a classic printing technique. The best part is The Printer does it on site and can custom tailor an embossing to your projects needs. Embossing is a method of impressing an image or text onto paper with custom dies;... Read More